Research Outline

As measurement system of body function using image-based diagnostic procedure, or data processing system for gene expression and protein analysis, information systems become essential for all the aspects of medicine today. Researches of the medical systems are in between the two huge research field, information science and biology, and are required to connect them. Based on the joint research program with other groups like that in the faculty of medicine, education and research are carried out on the information systems for medicine and biology. Our current research topics are as follows:


  • Biomedical Imaging (MRI)
    • Measurement and analysis of human organ elasticity with MRI
    • Motion/flow analysis using MRI
  • Biomedical System (VR)
    • Computer assisted surgery
    • Biomedical modeling and visualization
    • Haptic interface
  • Biological Simulation
    • Cell/biodynamics simulation project
    • Physiological simulation platform